c3Design will help you imagine new possibilities and new perspectives.

c3Design will help you design a course you love to teach and students love to take.

c3Design will help you develop inclusive and equitable learning spaces.

c3Design will help you consider new ways to engage your students.

c3Design will help you help you create rich, active learning environments.

Interactive Learning

c3Design introduces you to foundational concepts such as student motivation, backward-integrated course design, and Fink’s Taxonomy of Significant Learning. You will eventually use these concepts to develop your course.

Knowledge Checks

Knowledge checks throughout c3Design allow you to test your understanding of key concepts before applying them to your own course design.

Editable Syllabus Templates

Customize your syllabus output once you've completed developing your course.

Schedule Builder

Save time by allowing c3Design to automatically create a draft of your course calendar based on date and time information you provide.

Focus on Alignment

A c3Design exclusive, the Integration Map is a unique and powerful tool that gives you instant feedback on the quality of your design by analyzing and displaying a graphical representation of your work-in-progress.

Syllabus Rubric

Another award-winning component of c3Design, the Syllabus Rubric helps you measure the focus of your syllabus (content vs. learning) and provides formative feedback on how to continue to shift it toward a learning focus.